Jess Jennings

Well, hello there! I’ve trekked all over this blessed country and finally found you! I’m a Florida girl born ‘n raised, but I’ve lived in the North East and the Wild West.

The lovies in my life are my babies and my husband… I have three kiddos, Goose (she’s 7), Monkey (he’s 6) and Farmbaby (she’s 1 yr old) and I am blissfully married to my Farmboy.

I’m a huge NASCAR fan. My driver… Kasey Kahne. I have followed him since his rookie year and he is probably the one person (other than Lee Brice) I should never ever meet. I know I’d go all “freaky-freak fan” … I mean… cry, blubber, might accidentally snot on ‘em “freaky-freak fan”.
I adore Lee Brice. He’s a man’s man who’s voice comforts you like a teddy bear. <3 I love gettin’ my rebel on with Eric Church and can be heard belting Carrie Underwood songs while driving the minivan around town with the windows down. Oh… and I am “that person” who’s always chair dancing behind the wheel at a stoplight.

My life also revolves around diet Dr Pepper and food. Fried food, health food, clean, dirty, or drizzled in chocolate food… all of it. I LOVE food! And to cope with this infatuation with food… I workout.

I walk/run 5k’s, 10k’s and was almost defeated by a half marathon… once. My weight-loss journey started about 80lbs ago. Gained back 30lbs while preggers with Farmbaby… but I’m still 50lbs down! You know how health and fitness goes… it’s a never ending journey.

So, thanks for takin’ the time to get to know me (a little). I’m excited to make some amazing memories… let’s get to it!